Saturday, February 21, 2009

Testing 1.. 2.. 5!

Welcome to the new home of my blog! For pseudo-anonymity reasons I won't be cross linking back to my previous blog though previous readers have hopefully found their way here through the forwarding info I left on the old blog. If you missed out on the past year or so of entries not to worry, I'll be starting off here catching up to the present and then moving forward in a somewhat new direction. The good news is I won't be censoring my topics so for old readers expect to see this go places the old blog never did and for new readers hopefully you enjoy this format and aren't bothered by controversial topics and strong opinions.

Overall if you're planning to follow this blog in any capacity, the one bit of advice I'll offer is to keep an open mind. I hope to challenge some perspectives, break some stereotypes and probably offend some people along the way. I'm hoping to get a lot of comments here just like on the old blog so please feel free to share your thoughts and links no matter what your take on an issue is. For now I'm off to do some more setup and linking and playing some video games before getting a real introduction post together. I look forward to getting back into this and hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. As always, thanks for reading!

TFTD: Are there ever really any new beginnings?

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